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Balancing Rocks

Build. Create. Succeed.


Motivational Speaker


Meet Kim Cook

Expert on Growth Mindset & G.R.I.T.

I can help you and your teams:

  • Develop a culture of success.

  • Learn how to be proactive, not reactive.

  • Leverage technology and provide the tools to prosper.

  • Use growth, resilience, instinct, and tenacity to build the foundation to balance the scales.

  • Embrace change and manage expectations.

  • Achieve metrics.

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What I Specialize In

Certified True Colors Facilitator

Writer, Author & Blogger

Motivational Speaker

Life Coach & Mentor

Educational Consultant

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True colors builds self understanding and celebrates differences. Never look at communication the same way again.

"Kim Cook is an extremely talented educator and administrator. She has the vision to see how curricula and materials could better serve her students and her institution, and the practical skills to implement innovative curricula effectively. People enjoy working with her because she means what she says and follows through successfully."

- Paul S.

"Mrs. Kim, in such short period of time and without knowing me, you extended more than a helping hand. I will never forget the talks and your words full of wisdom and knowledge. You knew exactly what to tell me. Thanks for holding me accountable and believing in me before I believed in myself."

- Jazmine R.

"Our team went thru the true colors seminar taught by Kim. It was engaging and provided our team knowledge of the four main personality types and how they see and react to life. Since the seminar our teams personal communication with our patient base has improved and overall has helped us execute in our business."

- Dr. Drew Hall

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